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GTS's Achievements

Name GED Certificate Acceptance Study University Country
1 Ingyin Oo 30-Aug-2017 Business Economics Assumption Thailand
2 Hein Khant Zaw 22-May-2018 Computer Science Assumption Thailand
3 Phone Pyae Kyaw Swar 22-May-2018 Information Technology Assumption Thailand
4 Thaw Zin 28-May-2018 Architecture Assumption Thailand
5 Bala Bone Kyaw 23-May-2018 Business Management Assumption Thailand
6 Zaw Lin Htut 25-May-2018 Mechatronic Engineering - -
7 Lin Htet Kyi 02-June-2018 - - -
8 David 02-Sept-2018 Hospitality and Tourism - Switzerland
9 Su Yee 02-Sept-2018 Hospitality and Tourism - Switzerland
10 Swan Thu Aung SAN 01-Nov-201 Business Management Assumption Thailand
11 Sai Sine Kyuak 03-Nov-2018 Business Management Assumption Thailand
12 Thu Nandi Nyein 10-Nov-2018 Hospitality and Tourism Assumption Thailand
13 Koung Su 15-Nov-201 Mechatronic Engineering Assumption Thailand
14 Wint Lwin Kyaw Khaing 15-Nov-201 Business Management Assumption Thailand
15 Hnin Thiri Kyaw Kyaw 20-Nov January Architecture Assumption Thailand
16 Kyaw Zin Thein 23-Nov-2018 Information Technology Assumption Thailand
17 Aung Phone Htet 19-Feb-2019 Environmental Engineering King MongKut Thailand
18 Kaung Khant Si Thu 29-Mar-2018 Computer Science Assumption Thailand
19 Thit Min 30-Mar-2018 - - -
20 Ye Htet Aung 16-May-2018 Media Production Bangkok (BUI) Thailand
21 Myint Myat Aung 30-May-2018 Information Technology Assumption Thailand
22 Yumi Ne Win 24-June-2018 Digital Production and Cinema Production Adelphyi New York USA
23 Shin May Lin 26-July-2018 Media Production Bangkok (BUI) Thailand
24 May Waing 4-Sep-2018 Interior Architecture Assumption University Thailand
25 Phyo Zan 16-Oct-2018 Civil Engineering Riverside City College California , USA
26 Zwe Min Maw 31-Oct-2018 Computer Science Assumption University Thailand
27 Than Myat Akar 13-Nov-2018 Building Architecture Assumption University Thailand
28 Min Aung Kyaw 13-Nov-2018 Computer Science Assumption University Thailand
29 Aye Chan May Aung 7-Nov-2019 Business Management Assumption Thailand
30 Rosie 8-Nov-2019 - - USA
31 Aung Phone Man 11-Dec-2019 - - USA
32 S. Julie Moe 20-Feb-2019 - - -
33 Kevin Alex 29-May-2020 - - -